Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1

March already?  Time, she is moving faster and faster these days.
I can remember Mom and Grandma saying that, and now I hear my own voice, ever so gradually, becoming more and more "them".

My habits, my demeanor, my thoughts - all echo touches of my mother and her mother.  One day, I suspect, my Emily shall hear more and more of me.
Curious really, that when you reach the age of being "your own woman" and "finding yourself", that what I am really finding is them.

As I prepare meals, I can see my mother in her kitchen preparing that same meal.  I can look down to my hands working at the cutting board, and more each day, they are becoming her hands.  
As I give newborn advice to my sister, it's my Grandma's words that pour out.  Her old-fashion ways that have circled time and become modern again, reminding us there is nothing new under the sun.  

I suppose that is family legacy.  The older they get, and the more of themselves they see slipping away, it is for me and my generation to pick up the pieces.

All that running away, all that "forging my own path", and when I look into my older eyes, I see theirs.  I see home.

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